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Investing in property is often a thing for the very rich, who are able to put down the money for a housing property and start earning an income from rent and general increases in property prices.

As an investor you will want to balance your investments in order to equally balance your risks – you want to be exposed in more than just, for instance, stocks.

An attractive option is investing in property and now you can get started for as little as a $1000.

Property Investor, The Many, is offering a product where you become part investor in properties – a sort of crowd funding – which can give you a good 8-10 percent return annually.

Recently, The Many has expanded and is now offering investment projects in the renewable and green energy sectors. Their The Many SUN and The Many WIND programs lets you in on investments in the future of the energy sector. You can get in early, and you can set your money to work on investments in the environment and a cleaner world for us all.

Head on over to their website and see your opportunities on entering property investment, you’ll find them here: