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About Me

Don’t be afraid to stand out and start living the life of your dreams.

Digital Life Consultant

Hi, my name is Thomas Lyngesen and I am a long time IT consultant that just recently turned into becoming a digital consultant focusing on personal development and enabling people to live the life of their dreams. This has given me a much more fulfilling workday and sparked joy into my life.

I am 55 years and from Denmark, passionate about sailboats and sailing, football (soccer), baking, ice cream, photography, gadgets, and technology. But not necessarily in that order.

I have 3 kids, all adults, and on their way to defining their own lives.

Over the years I have been involved in many different jobs and companies. I have worked in a construction company, a commercial printing company, done military service in the Armed Forces, been involved in many start-ups in different lines of business, and been, still am, freelance programmer and consultant at a number of companies. I like to think I have built a large amount of experience from all these endeavours.

I could rant all day about my different business experiences, why they worked out, and why not. Looking back, most of them had their time and relevance but they were all valuable learning.

The pandemic, now hopefully something of the past, started me thinking about how I want to form the rest of my life. It is funny how you sometimes need events of catastrophic measures to make changes. I decided to make a change based on my own will, instead of waiting for someone else to dictate change for me. This has given me time to look around, read up on different subjects and strategies, and given shape to ideas in my head.

So I am making it my personal mission to spend the majority of my time by doing stuff I enjoy. I enjoy a lot of stuff, so I believe that will not be difficult. Of course, we all need to live and make a living, but I want to do it on my terms. People like helping other people. And that is certainly true for me as well. If someone comes up to me, thanking me for something I helped them with, I feel good, because I believe I made a difference. That’s worth much more than a tenner in my hand. And I can feed off that thought for a long time – without gaining weight! 😀

I am inspired and motivated by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill and Simon Sinek, to mention a few. And of course my near and dear ones. They might not have done TED talks and published management books, but they inspire me to do my best – then maybe I can better help them in return.

It may seem difficult, even hard, to break out of your current environment or situation and become what you really see yourself being. And rightfully so, there is probably no fast lane to that destination. But what is most important is to start out on the road there. 

Thomas Lyngesen